Infuse and Windows NFS server


I am using a HaneWin NFS server to share folders on my PC and until recent all worked fine.

Lately I am experiencing issues when accessing the shared folders from my PC running Win10 Home. Beside that I also have a NAS QNap also with NFS shares.

When accessing the shares from Infuse the circle spins an spins… but when connecting with Mr.Mc the same folder is accessed in a second. When accessing the shares on my QNAP server, infuse has no issues.

I am running all the latest versions of software (infuse and Hanewin) and everething is updated

any ideas where the problem could be.

Many thanks in advance.

Is Infuse ultimately able to connect to your PC, or does it just sit at the spinning wheel?

If it’s not connecting, it may help if you are able to send in a report from your device as described here.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no… but if it connects it always takes a looot of time.
On the other hand, MrMC has no issues at all, it connects immidiately. Also when connecting to my NAS, all goes well.

So I guess MrMC it is… thank you for all help…

PS: and… Oh, Oh, Oh It’s not Magic…

Sorry for the trouble, but I don’t think we seen any similar issues here or had any similar reports. If you are able to send in a report from you Apple TV (see link above) it would help us track down what is going on.

Of course using SMB is also an option, and the new implementation we added earlier this year will yield comparable performance to what you can get with NFS.