Infuse and WDTV cloud

Hi Guys

Need some help
Been using infuse on Apple TV and steaming from my wdtv cloud for approx a year now.

Yesterday my power went and the wdtv ended up restarting along with my router.

Now I can’t view any of my files!

I can see the files from my MacBook. Can see all the movies but nothing from infuse.

I’ve deleted the share from infuse.
Added the wdtv again (this part it connects)
Then when I try to add folders it keeps saying no folders. Nothing to see here.

Am I missing something? It was really easy when I first set it up but now so frustrating!


Is the NAS running correctly if you enters it outside Infuse? The power was cut on my NAS once, and I actually had to reset it to get it running correctly again.

Yes I think so as I can access/ view all from my MacBook. The infuse app see the drive and It let’s me connect but just can’t view any folders