Infuse and Verbatim Mediashare

How can I set a connexion to the Verbatim Mediashare device inside Infuse ?

Before switching to Infuse, I used GoodPlayer for streaming and downloading videos from this device (using SMB protocol).

I’m not able to do the same with Infuse.

I hope somebody help me, or I’ll have to switch back to GoodPlayer :frowning:

Add the Verbatim as an SNB client. Click the plus icon in top right, select “via Network Share” and use the details in the Verbatim help manual below. Hope that helps.

Sorry - I meant SMB.

Thank you Andy.
I’d already tried the procedure you explain; I’ve tried another time without positive result (at best an “empty folder” message).

The document from Verbatim you refer gives instructions for using the Mediashare device with GoodPlayer (which are working) and some other app, but not with Infuse :frowning:
I’ve used the same settings for parameters in Infuse, but it doesn’t work.

Some more idea ?


I succesfully configured an access to the mediashare in infuse, you just need to configure as WEBDAV as follows:

Port: 80
Login: admin
Password: leave the password empty or use the password that you defined in the Mediashare Wireless settings
Directory: data

Hello nebuchar2,

I’ve tested your solution and it works flawlessly !

Thank you very much for your help ! I’ll not have to choose to drop away Infuse or the Mediashare device.

I recently got a Mediashare box to watch movies on the go.
I can get infuse to see the drives following the instructions above but I cannot go past the top level of the drives to the actual files?
Everytime I press the button it loops back round to the top level.

Any ideas?