Infuse and uPnP/DLNA


First of all, I’m not an expert

I installed infuse on my ATV2 with 5.3
I read that uPnP was supported.
However, I the connection network I only see ATF, SMB and NTP; no uPnP…
e.g. in XBMC you can choose for the uPnP protocol.

I managed to connect to my Synology using SMB which worked.
But still, I think uPnP would be better.

Reason I would like to use Infuse over XBMC is for the ‘continuous play’ as I want to play all files in a folder.
Now, with XBMC I’m always redirected to the overview when a clip ended.
Which is strange because I found a parameter that says ‘play the next video’
I also read something about something like ‘play all from here’, but that features doesn’t seem available on XBMC on my ATV2.

Also Infuse isn’t playing all videos in a serial way. It shows the same behaviour as XBMC

Would be nice if somebody could help.

Thx very much.


The information at are for the iPhone and iPad App, not for the AppleTV software!

I can’t help about the continuous play problem but I really suggest you to use simple AFP, NFS or SMB shares than using a UPnP!

  1. With UPnP you doesn’t have any user authentication so everyone in the network can access that DLNA server.
  2. UPnP has known security flaws eg. accessible from the internet, etc.
  3. It is much more work to setup a DLNA server and client than creating eg. a SMB share and setup Infuse.

With network shares you have authentication, so nobody in your network who is not allowed to access the share can access it.

In case you can either use SMB or NFS you should use NFS because it has less overhead, thus using your network more efficiently.