Infuse and TVDB API

I know this has briefly been discussed in this topic here: Infuse and THETVDB, but it seems that since the renovation of, they might have also switched over to their new API v2.

Now I’m saying this as a complete n00b as to how this works, but from everything I gathered, all new updates to shows and all new series created on the site will not update on v1 of the API, which I can only assume the latest version of Infuse is using, as it will not update any new information that was added.

Can any staff confirm which TVDB API version the latest version of Infuse is using and if it is using v1 when it Infuse will switch over to v2?

Since the upgrade to v2 of the API is on the list of future enhancements given at Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)]here I assume that v1 is still being used.

Infuse (and many other apps) are still using the v1 API as many features are not yet available on v2.

We’ve been providing feedback to TheTVDb for the past few months, but they had held off from working much on v2 lately until their new site was up and running. Now that it’s out, we expect they will work to get the v2 API to feature parity (or at least close to it) with v1, which will allow for many apps to make the switch.

Also, they have not yet announced an EOL for v1, so things should continue to work normally… aside from the temporary growing pains caused by the recent site rollout of course. :wink: