Infuse and Transcoding with Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin

No one asks for giving playback control to emby. Playback should be done by Infuse. But Instead of playing back the original 8K fullAtmos file, Emby could transcode to 720p and send the 720p stream to Infuse for Playback. this comes in handy if you have low bandwidth or using Infuse from outside if you are in a hotel for example.

Emmy / Plex are NOT players. They are media servers, that come with a player companion app. These Media Servers are good at serving media to a player app, but often their player app is not good.

Infuse on the other hand is a player app, which does not have any media server capabilities.

So why should Infuse re invent the wheel instead of using 3rd party media servers?

Agree. Infuse should focus on what Infuse is good at and fix their bugs. When done, they could look at new features.