Infuse and THETVDB

I dont know if anyone else is having this but my complete collection of 2,800 odd TV programs has just been messed up by either the latest infuse or thetvdb interfacing … there is little or no connection to the tvdb at all for 3 days now although their web site works ok … anyone ???

I think it’s not an Infuse issue, but a TVDB issue…found this:

Yup - thanks Matey you are absolutely correct … basically thetvdb is virtually completely nuked - it now doesnt scrape correctly with Infuse or Plex which has had the effect in my case of rendering my apple tv, Infuse and plex completely useless to me as the whole database of 8tb odd of TV programmes doesnt work - If any of you are reading this DO NOT CLEAR your database cache or you will find yourself like me owning 2 bricks (a media server and and apple tv) :frowning: … the team at thetvdb seem to be avoiding all acknowledgement of the issue - I assume they used the same IT guys that just did the TSB !!! - at least I didnt delete my plex database which is stored on the server … it would be a very good idea if infuse gave us the facility to backup our database in a future release.

You can also check the status of thetvdb (and others) by looking at the “Status” link at the bottom of the page here on the Infuse forum.

It does look as though their having issues for the last few days.

Also appears if you go to thetvdb web site and use the search feature you cannot look up certain series …

The 100

is one such series.

Also searches with series names with dots in them …

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

has problems, so you have to look for ‘Agents of’.

Hopefully they will get these teething problems with their new look web site sorted soon.

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This appears to be related to some downtime and slowness at TheTVDb due to their new website rollout.

Things should be back to normal soon, and as NC mentioned you can keep an eye on things by viewing the status page linked in the footer.

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Thanks all - slowly scraping 31,821 items at the moment !!! - LOL

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