Infuse and Synology NAS Media streaming

Today I bought a Synology NAS to replace a failed single drive Seagate Central NAS.

What’s the best way to set Infuse up to stream media from the NAS?


Either plex, SMB or NFS.

If you have been running plex in the past that may be what you want to do, otherwise Infuse is designed originally to be a stand alone app and you can use it without having to install, set up, and maintain an additional application running in the background on your NAS.

Most find that SMB is a very workable connection and it’s usually a set and forget item. Often the mix of WiFi and wired connections along with the mix of equipment will make one method favorable over another.

I’ve got a Synology DS918+ with all my rips nicely organised in a folder called “Video”.
Apple TV 4K installed with Infuse Pro.
Mount the “Video” folder from the NAS via NFS within the Infuse app.
Enjoy watching your movies on your TV!
Mine is all connected via gigabit LAN…its rock solid.
APTV4K with infuse Pro will play everything and its almost the best media playing experience…almost because no ATMOS/DTS-X support on local files just yet.


Thanks folks. I’ve set it up as SMB. Seems to work. But I’m still learning how to manage the NAS. I migrated from a Seagate Central which died, to the Synology.

Aside from property set up the NAS (if you have a 2+ drives I strongly suggest that one of the drivers works as a backup of the others, at least for important files), the choice of the sync method with Infuse depend s also on the size of the media library.

In my experience for a large library, Plex server is far better then other methods (SMB, NFS).

Agreed with on plex for the backend. Infuse is a great player but the metadata does extend outside of Infuse to other devices. You might want to start your movie upstairs on infuse and then continue it on another device that happens to be running windows, android, or linux.

Thanks folks.

There is no Plex server for my NAS, unfortunately. Mine appears to be one of the few for which there is no Plex support.

Anyway, the SMB setup is working well. It took some time for me to wrap my head around how it works and how I had to set up shared folders. But it’s all good.

Thanks again folks.

Infuse and Synology NAS Media streaming
Today I bought a Synology NAS to replace a failed single drive Seagate Central NAS.

What’s the best way to set Infuse up to stream media from the NAS?

What model Synology NAS did you get? I’ve been using them for years, from a DS212 to DS918+’s (server racks for my McIntosh Labs home theatre 4K-8K content though). They’ve all run Plex. Newer systems should have no problem. You may have to modify your Synology Package settings for Beta apps and non-Synology package certificates. It should be in the Settings section for Package Center. I believe this will show more apps to install, specifically third party apps.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi Cory.
Thanks for the reply. I’m using a DS-418. It can’t run Plex as the software for it isn’t compatible with mine.

But as per everyone else’s suggestions I’ve set it up in Infuse with SMB. That is working OK for me.

I won’t be using it for anything else except for media streaming to the Apple TVs and for network storage of files for our PCs on the home network.

I was considering configuring it for remote access. But I thought, what’s the point. I doubt that we’d ever use it and it opens more holes for security.

Anyway, Infuse likes it. So, we’re happy.

Thanks again everyone for your help. It’s appreciated.


Plex added armv8 support with latest plex pass version available from their webpage.

I only use Plex for streaming outside my home. I see no reason to use it inside when I can just use Infuse.

You use Infuse as the front end and connect it to your plex server. This way your libraries and watch progress are synced no matter what device you are using.

Debating the uses of plex is moot since the OP has settled on using Infuse as a stand alone.

. I guess that works if you’re a bachelor, but i turned off all watched indicators. Too many people using my apple tv’s.

Good afternoon
I’m a bit struggling to declare an acces to my Synology NAS using ‘’Shared Network’’ on the Infuse interface.
I have no problem when I use a set up where the NAS is on the same subnet (192.168.x.x)
The problem occur when I try to use the quickconnect set up on the Synology NAS (smb://
I did direct port 139 to the Synology NAS in the Router. I also tried port 445 with not success.

FYI the ports used on Synology NAS are listed in the doc here: Synology : Quels sont les ports utilisés par les Nas Synology ? - BriZaWen

Would you be so kind to indicate witch port should be opened in the router to access the Video directory of a Synology NAS from Infuse and from the internet


Quick connect doesn’t work this way… or it shouldn’t. Sign up for a account and use that then open the ports required for SMB. If that doesn’t work look at using something that is made for working of the internet such as FTP

Good afternoon and thanks for your quick reply
I was suspecting QuickConnect wouldn’t authorise this type of connection so I tried with a DDNS and also directly with the IP address of ISP Box. I tried with port 139 et port 445 pointing to the NAS on the LAN

When doing smb://”Video Directory on the NAS” from a Mac or a Linux Box, I go directly to the Video Directory on the NAS ( being the IP address of ISP Box). I select a movie and I read it.

When I setup the same data on the Infuse interface of my iPhone, I receive an error message from Infuse interface regarding ‘’an error while connecting”.

The test here above is validating the Network side. Yet Infuse does not seems to be functioning in the same environment…

I welcome anyone having an idea to solve this issue. Thanks

Don’t put in the port number when adding/connecting from infuse. This is going to be a firewall router setup. If this still doesn’t work I suggest contacting your firewall manufacturer (or ISP) for further help.

Good morning
It is now functioning correctly using smb://”Video Directory on the NAS” in Infuse interface
Indeed the port should not be positioned in the Serveur address
Port 445 should be opened in the Firewall
Thanks JarvisMeier for your support on this one. Have a good day.