Infuse and Problems with Mesh WiFi Networks

I am super happy with Infuse and especially the newest version! This lead me to use Infuse way more on my iPad instead of on the Apple TV because the experience is sooo much better now!

Anyway we have an eero mesh network at home and it just happens from time to time that when you walk from one room to the other the wifi connection jumps from one router to the other. In that moment infuse gets the spinning wheel and it does not manage to continue loading the content. After about 30 seconds there is an error message that Infuse „failed to load content“.

The worst of it is that sometimes it cannot even continue if you stop the episode you are watching and start it again. Sometimes it forces me to force quit the app!

Does anybody else have this problem? Is there a workaround or could the devs look into this?

If you are able to send in a report from your device the next time this happens we’d love to look into this further.

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