Infuse and Plex--need help sorting out sorting!

Hi there,

I have PLEX setup with several shares in Infuse, and am trying to sort out how to deal with Sorting and automatically playing the next file. Essentially here’s how I have the Shares in Infuse setup and the issue I’m having.

Shares are set to sort by “Date Added-Newest” so that all the content shows the most recent at the top. Typically these are folders with a video broken down into multiple parts. Say Video1part1of3, Video1part2of3, Video1part3of3. When you drill into the folder it will display them as:


When you select part1, its the oldest or last video in the series, so the auto-play next video never plays part 2 or 3.

What I would like to happen is:
PLAYLIST LEVEL: Newest Content Folders first
FOLDER LEVEL: Sort by name so that Infuse will play them sequentially and automatically move to the next file

Is there a better way to go about tackling this? It works fine when there is only 1 video in the folder, but that’s not usually the case. Thanks!