Infuse and Plex integration

Hi All,

What is there to be gained by using Plex server and Infuse client on ATV vs just using Infuse by it self?


I guess you don’t have to open Infuse and wait for the (slow) scanning of new items. Plex Server doest that for you.
Also I guess Infuse doesn’t take up gigs of metadata because it is stored on Plex Server. I had problems with Apple TV deleting everything in Infuse as storage became low.
Infuse is a better player and front end than Plex Player.

If that is all I’ll be gaining then there’s really no need for me to start using Plex server.

I would like to know this, also. I spent years on Plex and Emby, to dump both for Infuse, so just boggled at what I would gain by setting up a Plex server.

Does this mean Plex would be serving and transcoding movies, etc? I left Plex because it was problematic and a resource hog and prefer the direct way of Infuse.

But, if I gain some kind of functionality, that might be nice.

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I don’t think it’s a “What do I have to gain by adding a PLEX server” issue as much as it’s a "How can Infuse be utilized by people that are currently running a PLEX server.

Infuse isn’t pushing people to go out and set up new plex servers, their just offering a benefit to those who have been using PLEX and aren’t happy with the options for front ends that were previously available.


I see thanks

Just felt like it was going to be strange to be running two things at once when I only need the one, but I felt like maybe there was some kind of benefit having a Plex server running. But since I already left Plex in MB don’t really feel the need for that. Neither could do all of the things that I needed, and infuse does all of them with the exception of Atmos/pass though which is coming and frame pack 3-D which none of them do.

I’ve switched from using infuse with my content on NAS via SMB share to running infuse using Plex share. The only reason for doing so was the possibility to easily maintain meta data and Movie Posters / Backgrounds which is not that easy using Infuse with SMB alone.

In addition I hope that using Infuse on my iPad with Plex server transcoding capabilities (once supported by Infuse) will allow for offline viewing (during flights)without the need to store gigabytes of original content, but downloading reduced files size content

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I just tested Plex and 2 out of 20 movies didn’t get cover art. Red sparrow and Second coming of Christ.
No issues with those movies and cover art on infuse.

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I just tried it, also, and getting spinning wheels when I try to access favorites. Plex has done all updates, is sitting idle, but it’s either not connecting properly and I have an eternal wheel or it’s taking forever. Some people said this would speed things up with metadata, etc, but seems it’s slowing it down for me. Might work for others, doesn’t seem to be working at all for me.

And, on second thought, my NAS is running apps such as SAB and Sonarr, etc, so do I really want Plex taxing the system more when my ATV is standalone.

Dunno, just doesn’t seem to be a feature worth anything for me. I understand it might for others, but guess I’m just not understanding why it was added. Seems redundant. I imagine I’m missing something here.

And I am also missing cover art that Infuse was picking up on fine previously for about 5 titles (mostly documentaries).

If infuse utilises the atv‘s internal storage for storing meta data, I guess that infuse automatically deletes the meta data if the corresponding file is no longer available on the server. So no problem at all with low storage, right?

so, correct me if I am wrong. Does plex allow you to stream from anywhere with a NAS, or is this the wrong statement? The only issue I have with infuse is that if I want to watch something away from home, I have to download it to my iPHone or iPad 1st, not stream it as if I were on my home network. Otherwise I love the app!

Yes Plex allows this, but so does infuse using remote viewing option.

Haven’t tested how well Plex and Infuse will work together in this area though

How do you set up remote viewing option?

How do you setup remote streaming or sharing whatever it is?

How do I unlink Plex from Infuse? Since i linked Plex to Infuse, all my movies show up twice!

Edit: never mind, found it :wink: