Infuse and NAS with movies on two differents volumes


My movies are stored in a NAS. I play my movies with an Apple TV 4K and Infuse.
My movies are stored in two different volumes on the NAS.
How do I make sure that Infuse does not differentiate between Volume 1 and Volume 2, and that movies in both volumes are displayed indistinctly?
Thank you.

When you view your movies via the Library Infuse combines all sources that are set to be included in the library so that’d be the way to go.

What is the exact setting I should do in Infuse to make him understand that he has to fetch the films in two different volumes?

Thank you.

If they are on the same device, but 2 different volumes you can probably just add a Favorite for each volume.

Once you have both Favorites added to Infuse, it will show content from both volumes together in the Library for a seamless experience.

More info on add new network shares and Favorites can be found here.

Yes, the 2 volumes are on the same NAS. My movies are on the 2 volumes.
My NAS is a Qnap with 8 hard disks.
I just want Infuse to play indistinctly my movies which are in volume 1 or in volume 2 of my NAS.
Thanks again.

Yes, that’s exactly how Infuse’s library works. :slight_smile:

More info on setting up the library can be found here.

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