Infuse and memory or cache usage

i encounter some problem with other apps when using infuse intensively
Those apps (iplaytv - Gse smart IPTV) are using file on cache for keeping settings.
When i use a lot infuse for watching movies , settings of those apps are erased after a while
My appleTv is not full only half of 32 Gb are used
I have contact with IplayTV developer and he’s using infuse too and didn’t have this problem.
Thank’s for your Help

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Infuse is able to use an efficient disk-based cache if your Apple TV has enough free space. This generally doesn’t cause any issues and will often times allow for more reliable streaming. However, if you want to avoid this you can set the ‘Streaming Cache’ option in Infuse > Settings to Legacy. Doing this will prevent Infuse from using the disk for streaming cache.

Thank you for quick response
I’m going to try this

Thanks for help it seems to be OK now. I used a lot infuse in last to days and other apps didn’t lost settings

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