Infuse and Japanese Anime metadata

Hello !

I’ve got all 291 episodes from Dragon Ball Z and Infuse can’t seem to fetch any metadata or sort them properly, they just sit in the “others” section. :frowning:
The files look like that : Dragon.Ball.Z.001.nameoftheepisode.mkv etc…

Is there anything I need to do to get them sorted?


You would probably have better luck with a name like


Use the page on TVDB as a guide.

Thanks, I’ll try that


renaming works for you ? I have huge library of Anime too and Infuse doesn’t match any of them. Instead Kodi and Plex find metadata properly with the same files and folder arch.

You will say me to use Infuse as client of Plex, but I want to move my library on a Cloud service and use Infuse only, so the Anime management is really miss me. And perhaps a nice feature could be to add an “Anime” section in the Library view next to “TV Shows” and “movies”. Actually all my Anime are in a “other” section.

There’s a very good chance that following the file naming example above will solve your issue. It would help if you’d provide an exact example of how your files are currently named. If you follow my post above for files found in thetvdb your files should go from the “other” section to “TV Shows” area.

If Infuse could learn to use metadatafiles like Kodi does would be a huge success! If we continue to ask for this over and over again they might get tired of the question and solve the issues :slight_smile: Because we do like Infuse very much and want it to be our only software to use.

So after renaming some of my anime, this will work. But this is really boring ^^

So what I noted is that Anime (I’m not an expert) are NOT split by season but name are like “001” to “256”. And for the TVDB episode 256 is “S01E256”.

All my anime was named :

AnimeName episodeNumber - episode name.mkv
ex : Dragon Ball Kai 001 - Son Goku is Back.mkv

now it named : Dragon Ball Kai S01E001 - Son Goku is Back.mkv

So I think your algo for metadata can add this information itself when it search, like ‘if there is no season number, add S01 in my search’ .

I don’t know where you’re seeing that for TheTVDB. For Dragon Ball Z I see 9 seasons, and season 1 has 39 episodes in it. My DVR records it like you’re saying though, for example the latest Dragon Ball Super is S01E33 but TheTVDB has that as Season 3 Episode 6. Every week I have to manually change the name of the file or else Infuse (and others) won’t scrape it right.