Infuse and iXpand, freeze and audio sync failed


I have some problems with some mkv (can’t find what links them) that I play with infuse on an iPad Air with an iXpand usb3.0 key.

Sometimes the videos freezes and after that the audio is no more synchro with de video. Sometimes the video jumps by itself forward.

I try it with an iPad pro and an iPhon7 also, and it also happens.

The firmware of the key is up to date, and even more weard, sometimes when I try again a file that hasn’t worked earlier, works fine …

Any idea ?

What type of video is this?

Does the issue persist if the video is stored on the iPhone/iPad itself instead of the iXpand?

Hello James,

Thanks for your interest in this.

It concerns .mkv files, 720p resolution, and with embedded french subtitles packed in it.

There are no more issues when played directly on the iPad after the file is transferered from the key to the iPad.

I think it starts to appear after I update this device with iOS 10.

Got it.

You may give today’s 4.3.4 update a try to see if it helps.

Ok, i will let you know if with the new version it solves the problem.

Is that something that you have alreday seen ?


It is not fixed with 4.3.4, the issue is stiml there and it was maybe worth with the file that i tested yesterday. The glitched appeared, and then the sound was very far from the moment of the video.

Exactly the same problem here. The issue happens with 4.3.5 and the new 5.0.
Both running on an ipad mini with iOS 10.1.1

I am considering buying one these iXpand drives for use with Infuse. Media will be mostly large 1080p MKVs some of which will have DTS audio.

Does it work reliably or are people still experiencing freeze and sync problems? Either in v4 or v5?

Does it work with files which are over 4GB in size? I have read that the 128 GB drive comes formatted as exFAT, but I see conflicting report on whether the iOS devices can then read files larger than 4GB.

So I found this post from a Firecore rep on the Mac Rumors forum confirming that Infuse and iXpand do work with exFAT and large files. So many reviews state FAT32 only.

So that is one of my questions answered.

My iXpand 128gb used to work with infuse pro 4 with no issues. Today, I tried to use it with infuse pro 5, but keeps giving me

“An error occurred, Unable to access iXpand drive. Ensure it’s securely connected, and not in use by other apps”.

There is no other apps working except the infuse. I made sure to shutdown all the apps. I re-formatted the drive to FAT32 and exFAT, but also no luck. My infuse pro 5 is having latest update. I tried on 2 iPhones, and iPad Pro, but also no luck. I can read the drive from my Macbooks and my servers, with no issue.

It is clear that Infuse is no more able to read iXpand.

Do you have more than one copy of Infuse installed, or other iXpand apps open while attempting to access the iXpand drive?

iOS only allows a single app to access the drive at a time, so if you’re attempting to switch between multiple apps then issues like this can occur.

I have no other infuse or other iXpand apps installed in all my iPhones and iPads. I am using iXpand for only infuse. As I said, I made sure that the only app working is infuse. period. I tried this in all my iPhones and iPads. none was able to read the iXpand in both FAT32 and exFAT formats. The iXpand is detected by Infuse, but is not readable. I can read iXpand from macbooks and server usb ports.

Are you 100% positive that Infuse 5 Pro with latest update is able to read iXpand?

Another thing to try would be to download the iXpand app from SanDisk to ensure the drive’s firmware is up to date. Infuse 5 does use a newer version of the SanDisk SDK which could make a difference when compared to v4.

I was just thinking to do that. I will do it, and let you know in a couple of days.