Infuse and Homepod home theater - sound issues

I have also noticed that there is no Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos icon in any of the menu during playback in Infuse unlike in the Apple TV+ app. Is there a way to know if the file I am playing is playing in Atmos or Vision in Infuse for Apple TV 4K?

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Quick update.

We have identified some new things which we believe we can take advantage of to improve audio quality when using HomePods.

The changes are a bit involved, but they are underway.


I’m having same issues under 14.3

Great news!

Is this resolved in 6.5.7? Because I have updated the Apple TV Infuse Pro 6 app to 6.5.7 but the sound from the HomePods is still soft compared to the other apps and the remote click sounds itself.

Doesn’t appear to be, it’s not shown in the release features here for 6.5.7

And it’s still showing as under investigation in the upcoming features here for 6.5.x

It’s actually worse with latest update!!!

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy watching movies with Infuse Pro 6 with your family during this holiday season! :blush:

@james is there some fix to test for in the upcoming 6.5.8 beta reg homepods?

In progress, but nothing ready to test just yet.

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It is really, really BAD!
I have used infuse for a long time but this is extremely frustrating and makes watching movies unbearable and renders the application unusable.


I am having the same issue. Plex player seems to work just fine but infuse handles large 4k files much more reliably. Hoping this is fixed soon.

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Hey James just wanted to check if any headway here to test on beta releases? - definitely interested in hearing about what the problem was as well for my knowledge

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Guys, what is going on with Infuse and ATV 4K?
Where are the updates?
Where is detailed information as to the cause and solution?
Where are the Beta versions that address this issue?

The issue has been tagged as “in-progress” - I’m sure they’re currently working on it.

Though the coder inside me would love to know what is/was wrong

I feel like we very well could be working towards a native player or an overhauled video player at this point. Lots of things feel dated and sluggish compared to Plex.

AFAIK - The newly released beta version for testing does not come with the fix

We are actively working on this.

In a nutshell, some of the new features supported by Apple HomePods allow for certain aspects of audio codecs to be utilized which were not previously supported.

This is good news, and we’re taking this opportunity to update a few other things in the Infuse audio processing pipeline to ensure we’re able to handle use cases like this, and a few others.

Our team had a bit of time off for the holidays, but returned back this week…so we should have something available to test relatively soon. :slight_smile:


This really is good to hear James!! Thank you.

One of the main features of homepod+appletv was that we can now have ATMOS (EAC3)… is that the audio codec you were mentioning?

Unless we found a way to have support for lossless ATMOS? - (almost sure this is not possible but might as well ask)

This is awesome, glad to hear it. I’ve just discovered infuse and I’m really happy that I can play my hevc mkv files now without transcoding. How would I go about getting to test the fixed audio with homepods. Will there be a beta sign up or will it just be full release?

One thing that I’m concerned about is the audio sync with the video once the fix is released.

I’m noticing that using the mpv player which Plex uses on AppleTV (that has the homepod compatibility), there’s a considerable audio lag.

The old player of Plex and Infuse’s current player performs similarly so depending on what the fix is, if you go the Plex way - ensure we don’t introduce the audio sync lag that Plex has in the new player.

Guys bumping the thread for visibility. Has there been any updates on this? - I am back to using Plex… but even Plex has a sound sync issue in the new speaker. Hopefully the Infuse update does not introduce that.