Infuse and Homepod home theater - sound issues


I have updated my homepods to 14.2 and connected them to Apple TV. However, the sound output from infuse 6 Pro sounds terrible over homepod: the volume is very low (I have to crank up the homepods’ volume and use audio boost), and the sound just sounds off, as if it’s bouncing around between the speakers and lacking brightness and midrange (the sound is very flat and muddy). Also, there’s is noticeable lipsync.

Now, this problem only happens with infuse. If I play the same video using Plex, the volume is much higher, the sound is balanced and dynamic and does not “bounce around”, and the lipsync is perfect. (Additionally, sound on the homepods is excellent when playing from Netflix or Apple TV+).

The sound output of Apple TV 4k is set to “auto”. Everything is on the latest software version (Apple TV, Homepod, Infuse). I have an infuse pro subscription. This files are hosted via my plex library. The problem above happens both for Dolby Digital Plus as well as TrueHD encoded video files.

Please fix this so I can enjoy watching my videos using Infuse, which I prefer to Plex. Thanks!