Infuse and HD-Surround formats

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I was wondering if Infuse on the new Apple TV can decode the HD-Sound formats DTS-Master HD and Dolby True HD losslesly to PCM? What settings do I have to apply for this? Bitsreaming of these HD-formats is not possible, right?

It would be okay for me when the HD formats could be decoded by the Apple TV without a loss of quality. Then I could live with the fact that a bitstreaming is not possible.


You need to have the Apple TV set to Best Possible (or something similar to that wording) and Infuse set to Auto and it will decode losslessly to PCM. You’re correct, bitstreaming isn’t possible, so this still gives you the lossless audio.

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Sorry for the ignorance, but why bitstream of Hi-res audio isn’t possible? I thought the BR players did bitstream them. Is it a tvOS limitation?

It’s not supported by Apple at this time.


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