Infuse and dvdfab Question

Looking at upgrading all of my equipment to store and handle the single layer Dolby Vision files created by dvdfab though my Apple TV 4K. What hardware are you guys using to run dvdfab. I’m looking for computer and most importantly bluray drive recommendations. Do I need a specific type of drive for dvdfab to rip the double layer to single layer? Thanks for the help.


I’m new to the Dobly Vision challenges, in fact I produced my first Dolby Vision single layer mp4 just the day before yesterday. Anyway, I am a little familiar with DVDFab so I’ll try and help.

You haven’t really given enough related information to answer the questions your asking.

For example you don’t specify the source of the Dolby Vision content although you ask about Blu-Ray drive compatibility.

If I assume you are talking about purchased UHD HDR movies that have Dolby Vision content then you will need one of several supported Blu-Ray drives for DVDFab (and any other product that can read UHD HDR disks for that matter) to be able to read them. This is actually pretty difficult to get right and the drives that you could potentially use, and that are available, appear to be different in different regions.

For example, here in Perth Western Australia I can still get the LG BH16NS55, and I bought a second one to ensure I can still read these Blu-Rays for some time into the future.

From what I know there are two types of drives, official UHD Blu-ray drives and UHD friendly drives.

I don’t know much about the official drives but I expect they need specific hardware to satisfy the protection requirements of UHD Blu-Ray playback.

OTOH UHD friendly drives are drives that aren’t meant to be able to read these disks but, usually with a firmware downgrade, are able to read them, such as the LG drive I mentioned above. You can find information on UHD friendly drives by searching on the web and looking at the DVDFab list of drives supported by their drive firmware update utility.

You don’t need to buy the drive update utility if you don’t want to, it’s expensive, and there are free utilities to do this now. Take care though, you may see postings about taking an image of the existing drive firmware and extracting binary data from them and inserting it into an older firmware image manually. This is difficult and error prone and is not needed any more, there are utilities to downgrade the firmware (and the firmware images themselves) without the need to modify them.

I should also add that I often find problems reading UHD disks (not just DV disks). I often need to try reading them multiple times and usually clean them (even new disks) before trying again and sometimes DVDFab will work while other times MakeMKV will work. Sometimes disks cannot be read at all but this is true of Blu-Ray disks as well but seems a bit more common with UHD disks.

So, be prepared for some potentially frustrating experiences doing this, :wink:

DVDFab can produce the single layer Dolby Vision mp4 videos needed by InFuse from existing dual layer Dolby Vision Blu-Rays or ISO images made of them but they are large, as there isn’t any way to re-encode these yet, at between 60 and 90 GB or more and they can have only an AAC, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus audio track, no HD audio is possible at the moment.

So you need large amounts of storage for these.

Umm … I think I’ll leave it at that for now since that covers more of less what you asked.