Infuse and Apple TV 4K

I would like to buy an apple tv 4k to use Infuse as a video player but I have some questions.

I read that the sound was not transmitted in bitstream like on other devices but in multi ch pcm. To the ear that apparently does not change anything, and the sound quality must be the same. I know there is no Atmos True Hd but that doesn’t interest me. But can that pose other problems? Are there any situations where multi ch pcm will be worse than Bitstream? Situations where it will cause a delay of the sound or other? I see people saying on Reddit that this is one of the biggest flaws in the device but I don’t see why and I’m afraid to buy and find that it’s a problem for me.

I read on your forum that the new Apple TV 4K applied these own HDR settings. How is this a problem? Am I going to have to adjust my TV every time?

Thanks for reading me.

The only cases I am aware of where pcm causes an issue is with certain soundbars, and/or when using ARC out of a TV. Otherwise the audio is identical to bitstream and receivers can still handle the surround sound and everything that goes with it. And as you mentioned lossless Atmos is the limitation of this. Nvidia shield seems to be the alternative of choice for playing bitstream and 4K Dolby vision from UHD Blu-rays.

I have been using infuse for 5 years now and been working great and i use it for everything except 4K content because of the previously mentioned limitations.

This thread has some info about an HDR issue but from what I gather it only affects some people/TVs.

Thanks for the audio information.