Infuse and Apple TV 3 - Dolby Digital Bug - Permanently turn it off?


I’ve purchased Infuse and it is great. I use it to stream movies from my NAS via DLNA to my ATV3. That works great. Unfortunatelly I have to manually turn off dolby digital over airplay to play the movie each time I start a movie.

Is there any hidden setting to permanently turn off dolby digital over airplay off?

This will be added in the iOS app soon, but in the meantime you can try changing the setting on the Apple TV to On or Off, instead of Auto.

This option can be found in the Settings > Audio & Video > Dolby Audio menu.

Thanks, but turning of setting to on/off on ATV3 does not do the trick.

Waiting for the new version then.

Hello James, any update on this issue?

I have received confirmation for later this fall.

and see here

Cool, thanks!