Infuse and 1080p

I recently installed Infuse onto my AppleTV 4K. When I attempt to play 1080p flies Infuse prompts me to get Infuse Pro. Is this necessary:?

This is because something in the file you are playing requires a Pro feature.

The most common reason is that it contains an AC3 soundtrack which requires support that Firecore license from Dolby and have to pay a license fee, so is only available as a Pro feature.

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The free version is very limited on what kind of files it will play. It’s usually enough to tell if it’s what you’re looking for. There are several ways to go with Infuse, either outright purchase of the pro version or subscribe on various schedules. If you by the Pro version outright it’s only good for that specific version IE 5.X when Infuse goes to 6.X you would have to purchase the 6.X pro version. The subscription version is good for the most current version regardless of if it’s 5 or 6 or higher as long as you keep your subscription current.

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Thanks remotevisitor and NC Bullseye. You have answered my question.

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