Infuse alternative for Android/How Plex & RClone works?

I don’t like to use Plex because I will that it has a lot of limitation (for me) I share my library with my friends with GD and infuse. The problem is that some of my friends use android and want access to it. I don’t know if there’s any similar app for android to use a google drive account and has metadata like infuse. Maybe Kodi but as far as I remember it’s not that friendly user.

So, now I’m thinking to use Plex server with Rclone but I don’t know if Plex will download the movie from GD to my NAS where I will have Plex Server and then encode/transcript from there or it will be just send the movie directly to the device.

If there’s an alternative similar to infuse for android please guys. I will appreciate your help.

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Personally when considering a simular predicament…basically everything in my house that watches content is Apple with Infuse, the one device that is Android I really struggle to find something half as good as Infuse. I like Infuse because you dont need to run an ‘Infuse’ server, you just run any old FTP, SMB etc etc.

You’re right about Kodi, its come along way but its not as polished and historically I found it more prevalent on people build their own media player. Your best bet for Android in my opinion is Plex, you just have to run the plex server locally somewhere which you already do on your NAS right?

In which case you may find this helpful:

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Thank you! I think I just gonna stay with infuse and ask then to get an Apple TV lol. Plex was useful for me when they had Plex Cloud. I don’t understand why they removed that option.

The same here in a way, I got an ATV for our main living room which has all the fancy stuff in it, in our sorta snug room we had another TV with an Amazon firestick, don’t get me wrong they are great for the money but compared to the ATV it is burgers…so I just stuck another ATV in there too and of course both run infuse hooking up to my FTP server, super simple, super elegant and great performance.

Currently we have that spare firestick hooked up to a tiny 19” TV in our kitchen and my wife has a point tbh, but she won’t let me stick an ATV in there too :slight_smile:

At some point I’ll replace one of the other apple TV’s but not sure when as both are the 4K model, but I just need to find an excuse then I can put one in the kitchen!

Generally I’ve been really impressed with the ATV unit so I also encourage you friend there to get one!

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Your life will be easier if you just buy an Apple TV. It’s cheap.

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Alternative solution:

I took two really strong magnetic car mounts, removed the mounting bracket and cut to flush the backs of the parts that holds the magnets; and affixed those with low-profile, industrial strength Velcro (easily removable without damage) to the corner kitchen cabinet above my sink.

Now I’ve got places to park my 9th gen iPad (picked up cheap) and iPhone while I cook or clean in the kitchen. Sometimes I also eat there, hence having the two mounts — one puts the iPad at comfortable eye-height while standing, the second conveniently lower while sitting on a bar stool.

Nice to have Infuse (plus YouTube, YouTube TV, and whatever other streaming Apps you might be using at the time) right there. And, of course, I can just pop the iPad off again whenever I want to use it elsewhere. :+1:t3:


Yeah so it happened, I bought the new Apple TV 4K 128 to replace the old 1st Generation that was my main unit in the lounge. Do the 1st gen is now hooked up in my kitchen :slight_smile:

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That a nice solution dude! Ended up just getting a other Apple TV though!

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Here’s to hoping the wife doesn’t notice! :slight_smile:

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Haha, she was fine, I was just honest and said the firestick in the kitchen was doing my head in, turned out she wasn’t all that happy with the lag either.

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