Infuse all of a sudden takes a long time to load my Plex share

Is anyone having trouble with Infuse taking a long time to load the available content from a Plex share?

When in the Infuse app in the Files section, I choose my Plex server (which is a VPS) and it literally takes about 2 minutes before any content is loaded for me to pick. Also, the content is not shown in the Library section of the app, even though I have “All Content” selected in the Library setting. The regular Plex app connects to the server just fine, no abnormal loading time. I deleted/re-added the share but still takes a while to load the content. Not sure what else I can do. Suggestions/ideas?

Would you mind sending in a quick report so we can look into this?

Hi James, thanks for responding. After deleting/re-installing the app multiple times I finally got Infuse to load properly. Not sure why it was taking so long. The regular Plex app loaded just fine :confused:

Anyway, thanks for responding. Looking forward to future Infuse updates. Hopefully multi-part movies will be implemented soon :wink: nudge nudge wink wink

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