Infuse AI assistant for movies

Jumping on the AI bandwagon, here. I thought of a really nice AI feature that will come in handy for me, but also I reasoned this could also be a really cool USP for Infuse.

I would be really interesting feature if I could ask Siri information about the movie I’m watching. Especially if you watch a movie over several days this could come in handy. These could be simple questions such as:

  • Who is [name of character]?
  • Why did x murder y?
  • Or; In which location is this scene situated?

Or more advanced:

  • What is the central conflict or problem that the characters are trying to solve?
  • Who are the main characters, and what are their primary goals or motivations?

I helps me to understand a movie much better which I sometimes have difficulties with. Lucky for me, I don’t watch my movies alone and I have another person to ask these questions to.

I think, if for every movie a unique hash can be created and we can train ChatGTP (or any other LLM) with spoken sentences from the movie and upload a capture of the movie every 1 second, we give the AI enough context to give answers to these questions. The unique hash will be beneficial so a movie will only uploaded data once. Another option will be that we have to provide our own personally owned API keys, so people pay for their own usage.

Curious what other people think about this.

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