Infuse Adding Files via Direct URL

Hi all,

adding files via Direct URL doesn’t seem to make whatever I add available in the Library.

I have to go into Files >> Links…

It has picked up the Metadata online just fine and grouped links and episodes accordingly. Even downloaded correct artwork etc…

But does not show up in Library.

Welcome to the forum!

I don’t think this is supported right now, but it seems like a reasonable addition. We’ll see if we can make it happen.

Hi James,

thanks. I noticed that when you add a Direct URL - it actually does add the file to the library, but only after you play the file. If you don’t play it, it just sits there in your Files tab.

An RSS feature would be nice for those of us with FileLockers loaded with our media content. I can use my FileLockers API to generate a RSS feed with the media in the RSS enclosures as per the correct RSS spec and it would be awesome. Please see if you can make it happen. No promises I know I know :slight_smile: