Infuse adding deleted videos to System Data, not reclaiming space

I’m having an issue on losing space, not reclaiming space when deleting videos that have been downloaded in infuse. iPhone 14 pro max on latest iOS, and a m2 iPad Pro 12.9 again on latest iPad os. In both scenarios, deleting videos thru infuse, which is updated to latest version as well, doesn’t delete the videos, it adds them to system data so you don’t get the space back. My system data in settings on both devices was above 300gb (both are 512gb devices). Deleting app, restarting device did not help. I left the device to see if it would rectify on its own all day. Again nothing. Only solution was to delete the device and start from scratch with a restore from a iCloud backup. Obviously this flaw isn’t tenable for infuse use moving forward. Please advise.

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