Infuse 8 Coming This Fall (2024)

Infuse 8 coming this fall! :tada:

Work on the next major release is underway, and Infuse 8 will be released this fall. Infuse 8 will feature many exciting changes, including: a native app for Apple Vision Pro, a new modular home screen designed for speed, refreshed app designs on all platforms, optimizations for the latest Apple software/devices, and many other under-the-hood improvements to ensure Infuse continues to provide the absolute best possible playback experience for all your videos.

Infuse 8 (including the new app for Apple Vision Pro) will be a free automatic upgrade for all current Infuse 7 users. A single Infuse Pro subscription will be usable across all your devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, Vision Pro) and can be shared via Family Sharing.

Note: If you’re still using an older legacy version of Infuse you can get a free year of Infuse Pro (and lock in the lowest possible price) when upgrading to Infuse 7.


What features will be included in Infuse 8?
There are many exciting changes coming in 8.0 and the most up-to-date info can be found in our Upcoming Features thread. This thread is updated often so check back for updates!

What are the minimum OS requirements for Infuse 8?
Infuse 8 will support the following:

  • iOS 15.0 (or later)
  • iPadOS 15.0 (or later)
  • tvOS 15.0 (or later)
  • macOS 12.0 (or later)
  • visionOS 1.0 (or later)

What if I have an older device?
Older devices can continue to use Infuse 7 and Pro features will be shareable between Infuse 7 and 8. Trakt Sync will work between versions, but iCloud Sync will not.

I have Infuse 7, will I need to download a new app?
Nope! Infuse 8 will appear as an update in the App Store for your current app, and your settings and Pro status will carry over automatically.

Will I need to buy Infuse Pro again?
All purchases from Infuse 7 will carry over to Infuse 8. Nothing more to buy.

I have an older standalone version of Infuse (Infuse 4, Infuse Pro 4, Infuse Pro 5, Infuse Pro 6) can I update to Infuse 8?
Yes! You can receive a free year of Infuse Pro when updating to the latest version of Infuse. This can be done now in Infuse 7 and it will carry over to Infuse 8 once it’s released in the fall. More details here

When will beta testing begin? Can I be a tester?
We expect beta testing to begin in July. Details on how to sign up to be a tester can be found here.


Is there a roadmap available for Infuse (8)?


I’m super excited for Infuse 8❤️! Can someone please fast forward time🤣? I hope the new version includes the feature where you can see how many episodes are in a series right on the cover.

In my opinion, this feature can spoil the conciseness and simplicity of the design of the series page.
If such a function is added, then it can be disabled.

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Hi, unfortunately, even in this version it is not yet possible to add a poster to customized collections. will it be possible to have it in 8?
thank you very much

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Will the new 8.0 version have a real PIP function with a swipe up or still stuck to press the icon?

Should we expect support for films consisting of several parts (2 or more episodes / parts) or not? Is this feature actually in the list of changes?

This likely won’t make it into 8.0, but you can follow this thread for updates.

Probably not in 8.0, but you can follow this thread for updates.

You can follow this thread for updates on this feature.

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So I’m still using my lifetime infuse 4 pro. I’ve read about the lifetime upgrades from then for 39.99 and so forth. I never got those emails back in the day. Are there any good current offers?

As long as you haven’t used this offer before there’s a good way to get a free year and lock in the subscription price to current levels so if it goes up in the future you’re locked in at the lower price including major rev levels.

I moved your post to a thread announcing the new version of Infuse coming and some of the features it will include.

It’s a good time to lock in your subscription price just in case there’s a price increase with the public release of version 8. :wink:

Handy new feature Infuse could implement


What happened to the DV profile 8.1 improvements for the older Apple TV 4K generations?

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Answered here. :wink:

this is very cool

I agree with Wyne that adding in the unwatched count would be the addition that pushes it over Plex for me completely.

That and “filter unwatched” while in direct mode

Looking forward to 8.0 !

Since the concept of “Direct Mode” is to use Infuse as a “Player” and take all info from the server that most likely would be a request you’d have to make of the server developer to add that ability. Otherwise then you’re back to having Infuse scan and maintain it’s own library for unwatched videos requiring more time to scan each time.

I wish 3D palying is supported on vision os. This is the most important for vision pro users