Infuse 8.0 (1) for Apple Vision Pro (pre-alpha)

@NC_Bullseye my app still shows 7.7.8 in Test flight which is non native. How do i get the update to 8.0? @james not sure what i am missing here, i can see previous builds but nothing about 8.0 or above.

How do we access 8.0, my test flight only shows 7.8 on the Vision OS.

Beta performs great, was playing around with it today, there’s just a few UI elements that are kind of not rendered properly, and some clipping issues when resizing small.

My main wish with AVP was that we get 3D MVC playability natively with Infuse. I know it’s not been top priority since IOS hasn’t had native VR support, but now that Vision Pro is here, I hope you guys are able to figure that out. I’m sure it’s going to be a pain since there’s proabably zero support natively inside Mac/Linux to play those that I know of, however as a Quest 3 user 4XVR player on that Platform is a just as a must have application as Infuse is on iOS.

Anytime somebody comes to IOS Infuse is like the number 1 app I either gift to people or tell them is a day one buy with the lifetime membership.

My wishes:

  1. Abillity to resize the window while media is playing (currently you have to stop media playback and go to the media overiview or episode/movie info screen to resize the window)
  2. Ability to play 3D video content (3D SBS/OU)
  3. Most wanted feature . . . . Ability to play 3D BluRay ISO MVC-3D… the ISO’s play but they aren’t recognized by Infuse as being 3D or play in 3D … yet. 4XR Player for Quest is an absolute banger of an app to emulate in features or playability.
  4. ability to curve the screen. Haven’t seen it on the native app but again I enjoy the option in PCVR and Quest apps to add a curve to the screen.
  5. Theater mode? Allow the screen/passthrough to go dark.
  6. Other additional options that would be cool would be the blur mode around the video outside that kind of does the backlighting when in a dark void.

The absolute down side of being a Vision Pro owner, there’s just not much to do currently IMHO on there.

Bought mine 24 hours ago and I’m like… okay, I got infuse, and media looks, sounds great… but like my 3D BluRay’s are stuck away, and Apple TV 3D Movies are less than great quality when compared to streaming them bluray’s. Even downloaded some AI upscaled SBS videos and played through native app, still not as great.

The experience the Dinosaurs was fun, but my god man, what am I gonna do with this hardware? haha

Either way, I have no dobut that the Firecore team will at the very least make my purchase worth it if we can get some 3D MVC support natively.

Anyone having issues with SMB after updating to Vision OS 2.0 beta, just reboot your headset, seemed to work for me after upgrading. That’s holding down the crown and shutter button for 3 seconds, then looking at the X botton or whatever and waiting for Shutdown to appear in the display, then waiting a few minutes for the reboot.

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I was told if you drag and drop your 3D ISO into the file system and play from there, you Should be good to see it in 3D.

My app has been stuck on 7.8 for a while and nobody has responded to my messages so I have not tried this myself.

Check out this GitHub project. It is a utility to convert 3D Blu-rays into MV-HEVC files that are natively supported by Vision Pro.

I’ve observed that when adding an Emby server, it defaults to library mode, which differs from the iOS version where there is an option to use library mode or not. Is there a possibility this will be changed in a future update?

Apple Vision Pro development is back on track as we work towards the release of Infuse 8 this fall, and today we’re pleased to announce the public beta of Infuse for visionOS is now available!

This includes many changes compared to the pre-alpha build and details can be found in this thread.

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