Infuse 8.0 (1) for Apple Vision Pro (pre-alpha)

Infuse 8.0 for Apple Vision Pro is now available for testing! :raised_hands:

We are calling this a pre-alpha build. It is built natively for Apple Vision Pro, but has limited optimizations and will certainly include many bugs and quirks. There are also many questions still to be answered about what is and what isn’t going to possible when using Infuse on this new device.

Overall, this is a starting point and the experience will improve over time as features are added and refined.

Follow these steps to sign up for TestFlight

Notes on activating Pro features
Your existing Pro license will not transfer to TestFlight builds, and trying to activate in-app purchases in TestFlight is notoriously buggy. The best option for activating Pro when using TestFlight builds is to use Trakt.

Using Trakt to activate Pro

  1. Ensure Pro is active on a device running the stable App Store version (iOS, Apple TV, Mac)
  2. Log into Trakt in Infuse on that device (create a free account if you don’t already have one)
  3. Log into the same Trakt account in Infuse on Apple Vision Pro

Feel free to share any feedback you have in this thread.

Happy testing! :smiley:


I’ll do the Trakt thing if that’s the preference, but I believe that you can just “purchase” pro through the TestFlight and it will activate the features without charging you anything. That’s the way it works on another app I do some beta testing for.

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Please see notes in the first post. :slight_smile:

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In a perfect world that is how it should work, but it is very buggy and has lead to headaches for many beta testers in the past.

Choose your own adventure though. :slight_smile:

You want us to list everything we experience and think needs addressing?

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It looks like there is currently an issue with adding Plex. I went through the auth flow, but it is hanging after safari asked me if I wanted to open Infuse.


I mentioned this in the other thread but this is likely the better place…

I got my invite but I was already a tester of the iOS version. Do I need to leave the iOS beta for the Vision beta? When accepting the invite it says there is an error.

A lot of the UI quirks are obvious (such as selection effects), but I don’t want to limit what you can and can’t share - so feel free to post whatever you notice.

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Got on the beta, thank you!

Sent feedback through Testflight, but unable to log into Plex. Infuse kicks me to Safari, I sign into my plex account in Safari, I get a prompt in Safari to open Infuse, and Infuse just spins at “waiting for authorization”.

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Ha, have the same experience, was writing my comment while yours posted.

Got invited to test this. But having issues adding my Plex server to it. I sign in as stated and it asks go open Infuse at the end, click it and nothing happens. App continues to say requesting auth code.

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Same problem to report here

I would prefer not to sign up for another third party service. @Jedibugs was correct that it says it won’t charge for the TestFlight subscription during checkout, and it worked for me.

A few quick notes about the beta, some of which I’m sure are already being tracked:

  • HDR playback doesn’t seem to be supported
  • The playback controls are pushed all the way to the bottom left and bottom right corners of the window, which is not ideal (see the native video player’s controls for comparison on how that’s handled)
  • During playback, the playback window isn’t locked to a particular aspect ratio.
  • Similarly, manually overriding the playback aspect ratio does not change the aspect ratio of the window to correctly fit the content.
  • The playback window is actually the same window as the library window, so after exiting video playback, the library window is now awkwardly shaped (since I manually resized it to the correct aspect ratio).
  • Possibly due to the controls being so close to the corners of the windows, it is unusually difficult to resize the playback window.

In case anyone is wondering, it doesn’t appear that there is immersive video player support yet. You can load a 180 SBS 3D video, but it plays in a non-immersed format and not in 3D.


the scrobber and the volume controls seem to be rendering incorrectly


Received email, launched Testflight app, prompts for Pro, but won’t let me “restore” or choose a plan. I have Yearly Pro already…

I received my invitation and will install it next week when I get back home. Should we expect the initial pre-alpha to be able to play video formats supported natively by Preview on the Vision Pro, such as MV-HEVC video w/ Dolby Digital Plus audio, or only formats supported by the existing iPad app?

I couldn’t seem to resize my window. Also it looks like the window didnt cut off (crop) the bars on the top and bottom as I have come to expect with native players.

Yep, same here.

Infuse uses a custom player, so I’d expect format support to probably match other iOS devices at the moment.