Infuse 7 vs 6


What is fundamentally new (except for the price :slight_smile: ) in Infuse 7 compared to Infuse 6? :slight_smile: Where can I read all the differences between these versions?

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  • New design!
  • New unified home screen
  • Improved iCloud Sync
  • Improved image caching
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

And it’s all for new x.0 version? )

Infuse releases are a little bit different than other apps.

Instead of holding back features in anticipation of a big release, we work to add features at regular intervals and release them whenever they are ready.

If you look through the release notes page you may not be blown away by the changes from say 5.9.6 to 6.0, but comparing 5.9.6 to 6.6.5 is a completely different story.

The same is true this time around. 7.0 adds new designs on iOS and Apple TV, as well as an all-new macOS app. Additional features are already in progress, and will be released as 7.1, 7.2, etc…

7.0.1 is already awaiting review by Apple. :wink: