Infuse 7 - TV Show View Redesign

Hi again everyone! I was hoping that Infuse 7 would see the app get a little better at displaying tv show metadata but apparently that wasn’t a priority. So I decided to take a crack at it and drop some ideas for a new tv show view!

This is just a quick mock-up so far, but it essentially moves the current season UI over to the actual tv show, since the large hero images and show details seem better suited at the show level. It also borrows the whole “Next Episode” branding from Plex, since I thought it would be good to give users a way to quickly pick up where they’ve left off. I also switched the season list to an actual list instead of a carousel, which should be more intuitive to navigate on a mobile device.

Again, I spent like an hour on this so it’s not as polished as I’d like it to be just yet. And once they’re done, I’ll upload mockups for macOS and tvOS as well. As always, feedback is welcomed, so let me know what you think!


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