Infuse 7 thinking: lifetime support, upgrading, and sync

Hello everyone,

First of all, like always, good job for the version. The Mac App finally landed and it’s soooo cool.

  1. I upgraded from a “Infuse Pro” app to your new app, with lifetime support, because… you’re great and I always bought your apps. I can understand that you leave the “Infuse Pro” app to go only on a subscription model, so… yeah, just to say that I’m here to back you up :wink:

  2. Doing that upgrade though, I was disappointed to see that I have to manually import every share, every setting from the Infuse Pro app to the “new” Infuse app. That is not cool which lead me to my…

  3. Why Infuse Syncing doesn’t sync every settings ? I have 4 devices and I have to change the languages on the 4 of them. Changes made in the library syncs, but why did you choose NOT to sync the app settings? I’m sure you have a good reason for that, but at least give us the choice “no sync, sync library, sync shares, sync settings, sync ALL”. Like when you configure a web browser for exemple.

This last one hurts a little bit when you just paid 80 EUR :wink:

Thank you for your time.

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Shares should automatically come over to the new app assuming you have iCloud syncing turned on. You might just have to wait a couple minutes.

I believe settings are set up per device so that every device can have separate settings depending on their usage. It would make sense, though, if you had a new device that it would copy from an existing device.

Hello there :wink:

I thought shares should have come over automatically. I waited half an hour, then activating deactivating iCloud Syncing, then I saw that I had two distinct “Infuse” in iCloud Drive, so I thought that they didn’t not talk to each other.

Or just let us have the option to sync what we want to sync. Please. You are right, I don’t want the same homepage everywhere, but I want the same settings for example. It will be different for another user. We should be able to choose.

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