Infuse 7 - Specific subtitles is not showing

Specific subtitles that were normally loaded in infuse 6 are not loaded in infuse 7.
I’m using jellyfin
The “영어(english)” subtitles shown in the screenshot are the subtitles inside the video file.
It seems that external subtitles are not being loaded.





maybe fixed in 7.0.1

Hi there,

New user of the previous model of apple tv 4k and new user of infuse, seriously, it has been like 30 min has a new user who is on a newly monthly subscription and I noticed the same issue.

I stream from jellyfin and the external subtitles do not show up, I am on Infuse Pro 7.0.3(3650), even setting up the predefined language for subtitles infuse doesn’t grab the external subtitle in the predefined language.

Any fix for this?