Infuse 7: SMB Broken in tvOS - Works Fine in iOS

Pretty sure this is a bug with tvOS, however open to suggestions.

Software = Infuse 7
Installed: Apple TV A1625 (tvOS 14.5), iPhone 12 Pro (iOs 14.5.1)
Network Drive = USB 3.0 Drive connected to an Asus AC86U router using Samba v1+v2

iPhone 12 = To put it simply, it works flawlessly with my iPhone 12. No issues whatsoever connecting to the network drive.

Apple TV (Issue):

Connection = WiFi

Description: Infuse has already “saved the share” due to the software being installed on my iPhone 12 Pro. Running a fresh install of the App and trying to connect, I get timeout errors and it refuses to connect to the network drive.

Infuse 4: For fun, I found an old version of Infuse 4 and installed that to my Apple TV. If I try to connect to the network share, it works as expected. No issues whatsoever.

I cannot help but think this has to be a bug that needs to be fixed. I’ve also opened a support request last Thursday for visibility.


Are you connecting using the local name or an IP address? Might try giving it a static IP address and connecting to that directly

Thanks for the suggestion. Went ahead and tried this, unfortunately getting the same results.

Just to clarify, did you install Infuse and it synced the share from iCloud and you then reinstalled it and now it doesn’t connect?

Sure, no problem…

iPhone 12 had Infuse 7 installed, saved share to iCloud.

Installed Infuse 7 on Apple TV, retrieved the share from iCloud. Tried connecting, didn’t work.

Also tried forgetting the share via Infuse 7 on the Apple TV. Apple TV found it, tried re-adding, and still can’t connect.

It sounds like the file server isn’t seeing the ATV as an authorized user. Maybe try adding a new user and password to the server and see if the ATV can use that?

One thing maybe before that is to go to the Infuse settings > Shares > select the share and go to the advanced settings and set the SMB to Legacy. That may help too.

EDIT TO ADD: There’s a section on troubleshooting and explains this at the bottom of this users guide.

New User/Password: Same results, can’t connect. Addionally, enabled the share without the need for a user/password too.

SMB to Legacy: Did not work either.

Still not understanding why this connects without a problem on my iPhone 12 and iPad.

Additionally, if I use Infuse 4 Pro on the same Apple TV, I can connect to the network share without a problem.

From my perspective, the network share is working fine and there seems to be a bug with the Infuse 7 software. I’ve had this software since version 4 (with an Asus router + usb hard drive plugged in) and it’s worked without a hitch. As of 7, it does not.

Please advise.

This is a long shot - but is the app up to date on the AppleTV?

I have a very similar issue on my kids ipad (I force no app updates on his profile) and if Infuse has had any updates, the SMB shares simply refuse to work - as if they are forcibly disabled when the app knows there’s a newer version.

If I then update the app on the ipad the shares/favourites magically start working again…

Do you have separate networks set up for each band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)?

We’ve seen a number of cases where a network device is available on one band, but not another.

If you just have one network, it’s possible the iPhone is connecting to one band, and the Apple TV another.

If possible, you might try setting up different networks for each band and then connecting to each to see which works.


I put this on a pure 5G network and still get the same error.

Does your iPhone connect via SMB while using the 5GHz network?

If you can send in a report from your Apple TV (and post the code here) it might help track down what’s going on.

Yes, iPhone connects using the 5GHZ network. In fact both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ work just fine (just tested).

Submitted diagnostic…PV2X4.

Let me know, thanks for the help.

Probably not the answer but did you update the tvOS to 14.6?

Also, are you creating the share on the ATV from scratch or selecting one of the ones it sees as available on the shares screen?

@NC_Bullseye - Bizarre…updating tvOS fixed the problem. Thank you.

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