Infuse 7 - Single Season not Flatten

Since upgrading to Infuse 7 single seasons are not flatten anymore.
My media source is Plex. Prior to the upgrade for a single season I didn’t have the double hierarchy TV SHOW => Season # => Episodes.
Is it a bug or am I missing some hidden configuration?
Thanks in advance.


We have a number of improvements coming in this area. Stay tuned.

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Okay, I’ll be waiting.
Thank you.

Any updates on this issue?

Hello, it’s been two years. Can we have an update on this? I would like to display miniseries properly in my library and was hoping this was resolved by now. Thanks.

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Thank you! I just signed up for the forums for this issue even though I’ve been using Infuse for years. My growing miniseries collection finally started to bother me. I wish they never took the feature out in the first place.

Oddly, this is not the behavior in Infuse sans Plex/Emby/Jellyfin. All series are flattened.

Are you able to move your miniseries out of your Plex share and share them directly to Infuse?

A lot has changed with regard to how TV shows are presented since this thread was started.

Can you provide a bit more info on the issue you are seeing?

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