Infuse 7 seems to start but then does not open , looks like it is running in the background but will not open when selected

I have been running infuse 7 for awhile , but now I cannot get it to open on my appleTV anymore.
I have removed it and then added it again but no luck.
I have gone back to using infuse 4 as it seems to run fine???
Can you help

Did you “off load” or delete and start again?

You’ll need to delete the app and re-download it.

Offloading it won’t get rid of the corrupted data often.

Also what ATV model and what tvOS version number?

I deleted the app but it still doesn’t work.
The tvOS is : 14.0.2(18J11)

Also the Model is A1625(64GB)

Perhaps the iCloud data is corrupted somehow.

tvOS version is a little out-of-date. It shouldn’t matter, but upgrading to 15.6 could help.

I would upgrade to tvOS 15.6 and see if that helps. 14.0.2 is about 2 years old.