Infuse 7 screen rotation function

You had to turn on the auto-rotate function to rotate the screen. Do you have any plans to add additional buttons or functions?

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This does feel a bit odd on my iPhone. On Mac and iPad, rotation is not a problem.

If you prefer the screen to rotate, you can disable the Landscape Lock option in Settings > Playback.

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To disable and rotate the feature, you must turn on auto-rotate on your iPhone. Other video players have a rotate button even if auto-rotation is locked in iPhone settings, which is convenient when auto-rotation is locked.

It’s good enough now, but it would be nice to have a button to rotate it during playback.

Most people prefer to watch videos in landscape mode, so by default the ‘Landscape Lock’ option in Infuse > Settings > Playback will be enabled.

With this enabled, videos will always play in landscape mode regardless of your device’s auto rotate settings.

If you prefer to have things rotate, you can disable this option and you’ll see a separate rotation lock option if/when you rotate your device while playing things in Infuse.

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