Infuse 7 Pro slow sync

I have Infuse 7 Pro installed in both my Mac and Apple TV 4K. I see only option to add Direct Url is from Mac. If I add Direct Url in Mac, it takes really long time, like 1 hour to show up in Apple TV. I manually pressed refresh button in both places and nothing happens and just shows up after really long time.

I have added different links for several days and I continue to see this show up in apple tv after long time

What could be the issue?

Syncing is handled through iCloud, and this is usually pretty fast.

This may have been a temporary issue with iCloud, so maybe try again and see if the slowness is still there.

Updating to the new 7.1 update wouldn’t hurt either. :wink:

Updating it to 7.1 in MAC fixed the issue. Thanks

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