Infuse 7 Pro app

Hi there
Infuse 7 is very great app, maybe the Best app on Apple TV.
I just wondering that if there would be a Infuse 7 PRO.
As for 6, there are infuse 6 and infuse 6 Pro. Two seperated apps.
I paid twice in order to have both.
I put family-friendly video in Infuse 6 and private stuff in infuse 6 pro(locked of course).
But there is no 7 pro version.
I am life-time user and would pay again to get two apps.
thank you for reading

There is an Infuse 7 Pro but only through subscription. The Infuse 7 is a free app but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Pro version.

There is no longer a “Stand Alone” Pro app for Infuse like previous versions.

Just download the free version and then activate a subscription, either monthly, annual, or lifetime. As long as you keep your subscription active you’ll have access to the latest versions of Infuse and at the same cost as when you started your subscription. If you let your subscription lapse then you may have to pay a higher price if they have gone up since you started the first subscription.

A lifetime subscription eliminates that issue and you will get all updates to Infuse including major versions like 8, 9, etc. with no further cost.

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