Infuse 7- Parial watch indicator missing?

I have infuse 7 on Apple TV 4K. I noticed today that when I watched half a tv episode it no longer shows any kind of box in the top right corner of the thumbnail and when I go to the season it defaults back to the first episode instead of the one I am halfway through or the next unwatched. Is this a bug or intended?

Do you have icloud and/or trakt sync enabled?

iCloud yes. Trakt no

Same behavior on iOS. Screenshot below showing play button/progress indicator but no indicator on thumbnail

What happens if you pick a different episode?

Have the same issue here.

Same Issue with movies. If I watch 3 or 4 minutes
of a movie there is no indicator in upper right corner. Looks like its been watched. Apple TV 4K , Both iCloud and Trakts.

I find this most annoying.

On the ATV if you scroll down to the episode thumbnail it will show a progress bar on the bottom of the thumbnail.