Infuse 7 not Getting Brazilian Portuguese Metadata


I’m using Infuse on an Apple Tv 4K. The Default Language is Brazilian Portuguese in the ATV and in the Infuse app, but all the metadata content is in Portuguese from Portugal. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Can you list a few of the specific titles you are seeing issues with?

Can you check to see if the correct translations are present on

Every Tv Show, even Brazilian ones. I checked and the brazilian translation exists and sometimes have more content than Portugal ones. In some cases, there is nothing in portuguese from portugal and everything in Brazilian portuguese, but the content stays with no metadata.

It may help to give the titles of a couple so it could be tested with ones you’re seeing the problem with.

Prison Break, Chaves (Chavo del Ocho), A Grande Família, Dragon Ball Z and One Piece.