Infuse 7 - New unified home screen?

What is this?

Upgraded to version 7, but can’t see any changes to the home screen?

How dare you. Clearly the icons in the top right are changed to give the homepage a complete fresh look!!! :rofl:


SERIOUSLY - which one off you BETA testers didnt mention that the main actors of ANY film are now only seen if you scroll down to the bottom of the hidden page (Apple TV) - THIS IS NOT PLEX - its INFUSE DOH ! - this is without doubt the most STUPID thing I have even seen - so now you have NO IDEA who’s in the film unless you scroll down !!! or get a crystal ball ! … and knowing how you lot beta test stuff in the past its bow going to be up to us users to spend the next week finding out what doesnt work while James denies theres anything wrong !!! - dejavu :frowning:


Also glad to see IMDB and Rotten Potatos Ratings are now there … Oh wait, I must have dozed off and had a wet dream ! Its been worth the 2 year wait tho … one of the beta testers just compared Infuse to Plex … go figure.

Most of the changes to Home Screen were limited to iOS/iPadOS. Apple TV gets the new pre-playback screen.

I have to say I hate the changes for AppleTV. The main screen used to fit 5 favorites perfectly and now it’s 4.5. The TV season screen now makes you scroll down to actually see the episodes and after you watch an episode it still doesn’t automatically show the next one so you can just click play. The old watched indicator also made a lot more sense. This upgrade is very disappointing.


Agree. TV episode screen is ridiculous. Scrolling down to see the episodes makes no sense.


@JAMES - SERIOUS:LY MATE! - WHEN are you going to learn ? Or are you only interested in Mac users now ? This is without doubt the most ridiculous thing you have have done yet ! There are bugs outstanding from 6, there are requests (going back to V4) that are ignored … and you seem to obviously have a team of Beta Testers (and I use that term VERY lightly) who clearly have no understanding of how the average user uses their ATV (which of course should be your MAIN focus on every update). How can ANYONE (including you) even think that having to scroll down to see your TV episodes is a good thing that we will all love ? How can anyone think that NOT showing the main actors on a Movie ON TOP of the new Picture Screen is acceptable ? This is just BAD, BAD, BAD … and this time, maybe you will start to seriously answer people instead of just hoping we will all go away … the amount of views on this thread (not started by me) should tell you something. I remember talking to Bill Gates on the PHONE when he first started Microsoft back in the 70’s and the ONE single thing he was good at was LISTENING and accepting critics comments - and then going away and DOING something about it ! And YES - that is how long I have been involved in running the Internet. We are not ALL IDIOTS James … If you dont involve yourself THIS TIME you ARE going to find people trying other products. EVEN MY WIFE commented last night how awful the TV screen was - and its taken me 2 years to teach her how to navigate the sceens on Infuse !


One of you Moderators need to Start a V7 Issues Topic and move at least 3 separate topics over or we are going to end out with numerous Topics essentially all dealing with the same issue

What is the pre-playback screen?

The release notes for Infuse 7 (ATV) clearly states that there is a ‘new unified homescreen’, but I can’t see any changes?

Won’t call it ‘ridiculous’, but I must agree that it really doesn’t make much sense and it is clearly a step back in user friendliness.

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The pre-playback screen is the one where you view the details on a specific movie.

The unified home screen is bringing all the other devices in line with what tvOS already did.


Ok, but I still don’t get it? There are absolutely no changes to my home screen, indicating a ‘new unified home screen’? Do I need to activate it somewhere?

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As I mentioned before I don’t believe Apple TV had home screen changes other than some icon updates. macOS and iOS/iPadOS now match tvOS v6 style of Home Screen.

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Ahh OK.
Rather confusing that they then mention it as a new feature in ATV, when there really aren’t any changes to the home screen…

So, the only real new thing in Infuse 7, is new design of the pre-playback sceens(?) To be honest, that is not much for a major revison.


Youre right - ridiculous is not the correct word - INSANE - would be a better word ! My 4 year old Grandson could navigate V6 on his own and find the TV series and Episode he wanted without any help … now he cant find the episode he wants … Im sure he’ll learn, but its just illogical. With Movies, scrolling down to scan across the Movies in the folder, the top half of the Graphic Screen disappears and you have to keep scrolling back up to view the graphic … as I said - INSANE

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And still no bitrate showing and the recently added is still broken (5 years and counting …).

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Lots of strong opinions here :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me say, that I have been very happy with Infuse and the way it works.

However, I do not understand some of the UI choices made in version 7? It seems focus has only been on making it looking sleek, instead of making it user friendly and sleek :thinking:


Can you stop bashing the beta testers please? You have not even a clue about any of the discussions in the beta forum. Blame Firecore if you want, but be asured, that betatesters more than one time said, that this version is far from being a release candidate…


I agree, the testers should not be blamed. The decision makers made the mistake in this new change. Even if the testers made suggestions it’s not their decision what to use. I’m just curious on who talked infuse into doing this. Can’t be someone who uses infuse a lot.