Infuse 7 - new design, new problems

Modern design is fine, but it will be a bit more convenient if I am able to directly go to previous/next movie or episode when swapping left from “Play”/“Playlist” button, or swapping right from “Edit” / “Plot” instead of swapping down to thumbnails.

7.0.3 is now available! :raised_hands:

Switch between Modern and Classic views on Apple TV, remote control improvements, option to hide titles, and more.


James you absolutely rock! Thank you so much for adding this option.

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Good job :+1:

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Hello James

Where can I found this option ? how it works ? thanks

The option is currently listed under the ‘More’ button on the details page.


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The favorites are still oversized and don’t fit 5 tiles on the page like they used to.
UI Design 101: For every row there should be a grid with exact number of same size elements, no partial ones, equally spaced and end elements should also be equally spaced from the screen edges. Quite simple, right?

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Not according to Apples “Human Interface Guidelines”. They promote alluding to hidden content (like the rest of the favorites) by partially displaying offscreen elements.

That is not design-inspired but rather trick people into buying stuff BS. Why isn’t their home screen offset like that?

Look at the App store home screen.

How do you switch to Classic view?

Found it.

Hello there

I’m trying also to switch to “classic layout” but I can’t find the option…where did you find it?

EDIT: found it here Infuse 7 - new design, new problems - #66 by james

Thanks! It’s very rare that when an app is changing design we have the alternative option to keep the previous design. Well done, I really like having the choice. Just a small suggestion, I would but that option in the “settings”, where all other options are listed.


It was placed behind the “more” button on purpose to allow quick and easy switch between designs for easy comparison of the two. It might be moved to settings in later release

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Can we please have this option in the main general settings page? My wife couldn’t find it for ages.


Can we get a true classic view where everything looks the way 6.x looked and not just the poster? I want my old dashboard…


Will you consider this? Continue swapping left from “Play” or “Playlist” button will jump to previous movie or episode in the list; continue swapping right from “Edit/More” or “Mark As…” button or “Plot” area will jump to next movie or episode in the list. This makes modem design easier to use.

This doesn’t seem particularly intuitive to me.

The swipe/tap behavior count in 7.0.3 is the same as we had in v6 for both modern and classic (one swipe down from play button, swipe left/right to desired episode, tap to play). The main difference is classic has the posters visible above the fold.

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Any chance of getting the file location back on the classic view? It’s on the modern view and it was on the V6 view.

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