Infuse 7 - new design, new problems

An option to switch to posters again for movies would be greatly appreciated!

Most TV shows have beautiful fanart but for movies, especially older ones, that’s often not the case. Then you have an ugly screenshot taken from the movie and that just looks lousy.

I could of course change fanart within Infuse, but because i’m using Plex-integration i’d have to fire up a webbrowser or the Plex-dash app every time. Not very convenient.

+1 to bring back poster support on PrePlayback for movies!


Hi, here is one more thing, that makes me wonder.
When you press: Mark as unwatched, it toggled between watched and unwatched in V6. Now it doesn’t react anymore. I would be happy, if it would behave like in V6. Thanks.
Btw, in general I like the new design, but I also agree to the remarks and wishes in this thread.
So, I am looking forward to the improvements.

I noticed this too. The only way I could get it to work for now was to enable “Watched Indicators” under Settings. Now, my main program thumbnails are full of loaded orange corner cuts and progress bars. I previously never had to enable this option to get watch/unwatched to toggle. I hope it’s just a bug, as I too prefer the v6 method but if not I can live with this new design. What I really hope for is a quicker way to delete shows, too many scrolls and clicks right now. And, secondly I prefer seeing all the thumbnails of TV season on the PLAY screen without having to scroll down.

Hi, thanks for the tip. It works with the indicator set to on. I agree. These orange lines and markers don’t look very attractive. Toggling should also work without these indicators. I think, that should be fixed.
And about the color of the indicators.
Why not change the color to blue, or make it adjustable?

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I’ve had no issues whatsoever with Infuse 7. It’s a fantastic release. Currently, I pay yearly for a Pro subscription and would happily pay more considering how polished and professional the whole package is.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

A few more updates here.

We’re rolling out Infuse 7.0.2 today which includes a few changes for list view on iOS and macOS. This restores the previous quick-play behavior for browsing when list view is activated, and also integrates some of the new design elements so things look much cleaner than before. We’ll also soon be adding episode artwork in this view.

For 7.0.3 we’re adding the ability to switch between 2 different views for the details page on Apple TV. We’re calling these options Modern and Classic.

Modern is the new design we introduced in 7.0, and will remain the default option. We’re adding a few adjustments for 7.0.3, namely swapping the position of the Play button so scrolling to the lower content area is a little bit easier.

Classic is similar to what we had in Infuse 6, but with some visual updates. It restores the ability to see poster artwork and also keeps the list of other episodes visible above the fold.

The lower content areas in both will be similar, and will soon have things like actor/director artwork visible as these are in progress for 7.1.

Note: These screenshots show a work in progress, and there will likely be a few additional changes before the release.


Great to see that there is an Option, but what about those who want unblurred fanart AND ability to select episode without scrolling down?

Will there be some tweaks and enhancements to the modern version in the future (e.g. Show the TV Show name or using the Title Art like I suggested in my mockup here

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Baby steps. Let them get the next version out and we will see what’s there

Hey James :wink:
Great to see, that we get an alternative “Classic View” :slight_smile:

Two Questions about this:

1.) What’s this Button on the PrePlayback-Screen?
I hope this is not visible in the final Screen :wink:

2.) Could you make the Text-Block a little bit larger with 2-3 more Text-Lines?
And also maybe a little wider? :wink:
It would be great if we can read more Text directly on the PrePlayback-Screen and we not have to click on the Text-Box, first :wink:
Something like this Mockup:

Is this just for TV shows or will it also apply to movies? I could see someone wanting modern for movies and classic for tv shows.

For 7.0.3 there will be just 2 options.

This will not be visible in the release build. The option for switching views will be listed under the ‘More’ button.


The selected view option will apply to all videos (movies, tv shows, and other).

Or better directly in the Settings-Menue? :wink:

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Excellent solution all the way around! Thanks for all the work you guys put into this!


Maybe you could add an option in a future update to switch the views per categories (movies, tv shows, others…) please?


I notice that on both the Classic and the Modern that the top screen doesn’t have the down arrow hint at the very bottom of that screen that indicates more info below. Since you can’t see any hint of the rows below like you could in this would be necessary to indicate more to see on that screen so a user doesn’t have to “test” every screen looking for Easter Eggs.

But I think this is really not needed :wink:
Infuse is very intuitive and the Users know how to use it after a short Time :wink::+1:

And totally your right to think this. As it is for others to have a different opinion.

Sure :wink:

But my Opinion is, that all the „hints“ are not necessary, because tvOS is very intuitive :wink:

It’s the same like the Videoplayer-Hint „Scroll down for Info“… Everyone who use an AppleTV should now, that the Options are shown by swiping down. And even Apple itself has removed this Hint in the TvOS native Videoplayer :rofl:

According to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines any time you have “hidden content” on a page you should use the method that Infuse has in V6 by partially showing the content below as it was on the home page where you could see part of the row below to give the hint. I was just suggesting that since Firecore was changing the overall appeance that maybe to accomplish the same thing maybe a unobtrusive down arrow would accomplish the hint like the guidelines indicate.

Not giving any hint to hidden content is NOT recommended in the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

That’s all I have to say about it so I don’t trash out this thread.


Alternatively a Hint which disappeares after a few Days, I seen this in some other Apps as well :wink:
The User see a Hint and lern how to use it, and after a few Days it’s disappear :wink::+1: