Infuse 7 - new design, new problems

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I tested the option but the classic appearance has aged

Using the classic look is a good option for those who like the old version of infuse pro.

But the modern appearance chosen by the infuse team is simply great , they are not missing the poster in landscape.

We must continue to modernize infuse so that it can stand out from the others

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For goodness sake all of you … this is the most ridiculous comment - no its not aged IT IS PRACTICAL - you seem to forget that Infuse essentially a ATV app - it can NEVER look the same on a mac or an iPad - on the ATV ALL that needed to be done was to format the MODERN look to a std wide screen view that shows the episode icons at the bottom of the screen for easy access … I really dont know why this is so complicated. Additionally the txt graphics need to be BLACK and not the insipid grey colour as most of the time you have to guess whether you have selected “edit” (or any of the other options) !!!


In addition to this MANY TV episodes are only recognised with a symbol - such as 9-1-1 and F***ing World - Infuse for ATV NO LONGER recognises these symbols and forces the user to manually update the Metadata which is become difficult to locate because of the - or a * - sometimes even a / ! - this needs to be fixed as well.

LOL. Precisely, I do not see what is complicated to scroll down the page to have access to its episodes.

all media center applications are set to the same style with a large image of the media in the background (emby jelleffyn, squire plex …:wink: So let infuse evolve towards this much sought-after style.

there is VLC which is very good and nice, which goes straight to the point.

In my opinion, the important things are the trailers, chapters by image, artwork actor who will soon arrive, media poster in landscape …These are areas for progress !!!

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Just so we’re all on the same page here - by scrolling down - what it needs to show (tv mode particularly) is the episode list - BUT ON THE SAME SCREEN - we do NOT want to be scrolling down to these items that are presently OFF SCREEN !!! So it’s NOT scrolling down - it’s SELECTING DOWN. The word scrolling infers scrolling the whole page - which is what we DONT want to do.

The usual use case for the episode thumbnails is to get to the next episode (and occasionally the previous episode), but it’s just not intuitive to have to scroll down the entire screen especially considering there’s no hint that a second page even exists.

There needs to be an easy and quick way to get to the next episode - 2 additional buttons ("< prev" and “next >”) would solve that I think. And making “next >” the default button after playback would be ideal.

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Have you tried Paracetamol ??? Followed by bed rest.

I suggested similar (continue swapping left from very left buttons, and continue swapping right from very right buttons) to have all actions in the same screen, but james didn’t seem to like the idea.

This is a good idea. As much as I love the new Modern design, there are times that the next episode is selected in error. Don’t know how that happens, but it does, maybe because I accidentally started the next episode and didn’t reset it as unwatched? So, having a visual of < PLAY > could solve this for some like me without having to revert to the Classic layout.

Even better, the < and > could only show up when there is indeed only a previous or next episode available. Sort of like my mail inbox, I have set SPAM to only show up when there is spam, otherwise it doesn’t show.

While I’m on the topic of the Infuse buttons, I think the “Mark As Watched” could be minimized to just read “Watched” and “Unwatched”. The less words on buttons is better.

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One more possibility to help solve the occasional problem where the next episode is accidentally selected and starts playing without the user’s knowledge, is to have Infuse popup a warning to “Play the Most Recent Episode?”. This would be an optional user setting sort of like the popup option to continue playing from where we last left off.

This is not useful for people who save all their TV episodes so for them the option would be turned to OFF. Since I delete, I always want to be sure I am watching the most recent episode in the list. With this knowledge, I would not need to see episode thumbnails to know that I haven’t accidentally advanced in the list.

I agree - that would be better. I want the strip of other related episodes below the TV episode I’m watching but don’t see the value in seeing a strip of unrelated films below the poster for the one I have selected.

Yup… switched back to ‘classic’ view asap… ‘modern’ is the kind of dumb, unnecessary shiny BS fluff that I made me escape from Plex as soon as I could.

Absurd change to require scrolling on a 55 or 65" freaking screen… just so you can see a nice big poster - pointless.

The good thing is that Infuse actually listened and fixed or allowed us to scrap that cr@p. The dreaded Plex updates… always just one step from a borked app.

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I wouldn’t say it’s dumb as many are comfortable to just click PLAY for the next episode. However, I do agree there could be a compromised solution/layout without reverting to Classic.

The iPad gets it now with big elegant poster artwork and episode thumbnails at the bottom of the same page without needing to scroll. I suppose the aspect ratio of the iPad is better suited for this than widescreen TV’s. But it looks great.

For the ATV if they could shrink the poster height more, reduce the buttons to one line, including the description, there might be a way to get the episode list in there, even smaller thumbnails if necessary. Maybe this could be a third layout option called Hybrid or something.

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The thumbnails definitely can float on the bottom of main screen when ‘scrolling down’

I’ll mention this again - the main reason for the episode thumbs is to get to the next episode. So, if there was a single click way to get to the next episode then the thumbs could stay off screen.

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Regardless, some of us would prefer to see them on the main screen. They provide another indicator of progress through a season and a bit of a “story so far”

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