Infuse 7 - new design, new problems

While I am thankful that Infuse can now show a long filename fully (on multiple lines and in that small font on the bottom, just weird, why twice), I would like to know how to get rid of that annoying image on top of the play button?

  • not only after entering every folder I need to extra swipe down to see the number of files (and weird bugs when a single file in a folder treat as a file in the root folder or sometimes decides that all files in the folder need to be in a root folder making this a colossal mess)
  • that big top image doesn’t even match with file preview images when you scroll down. And after spending a few months reencoding everything to have a proper file preview image Infuse 7 treats me with some random frame for the whole screen.

There needs to be a toggle in settings to get rid of that large and Useless preview image.


To my surprise, 1 minute after trying to use the new episode selection screen, I found a horrible UX design.

In Infuse 6, to select an episode to play, you either click on the play button or the actual episode while they both were on the same screen… Good old days.

Now, because of the useless top image Play button and file list are on separate screens; however, that is not the most significant issue here. Infuse 7 do nothing!!! When you click on the actual episode. So, if you want to watch more than one episode, instead of the old way of moving the cursor right once and selecting the next video, you need to move down twice from the Play button to get to the file list, then find the next episode in the list and then move up two times, then left once and press the Play button.

To be honest, if you are watching the most left episode, you can skip one left movement and just have two up movements.

I am not sure if UX design were horrible or this thing is poorly coded, but the app’s usability with this upgrade dropped significantly.


I think it was all about looks. I agree, there’s no useful UI updates here, and TV episodes access has definitely been broken. And the same bugs… so it’s not worth the upgrade, but no going back.


I’ve to totally agree, the new UI is much more than a great mistake - it’s a pain.
I can’t understand why the beta tester and developers haven’t recognized that probably most users doesn’t need (or want) “bling bling” pictures who makes the usability poor as hell.
Scrolling down and up and down and repeat it and so on… really, is that the cool thing today? Do we need that, are we “happy scrollers” in 2021?

Why should somebody are more interested in Fan-art as watching the Movie or the Series Episode? Sitting behind the screen and watching lovely Fan-art, with Popcorn and Beer?

Well, maybe it’s just me who doesn’t understand the idea behind V7 UI or I’m already to old who knows…
For me it’s a sad fact that I’ve to stay away from V7, as long this (just in my opinion) bad UI is in place without heavy changes that makes it useful again.


The few beta testers which did (including me), were ignored.


It is not just you.

All rules for a user friendly UI has been broken (I work in close cooperation with UI designers, so I know a poor design when I see it).


totally agreed. the movie/show description page takes whole screen and leaves thumbnails out of screen, I have to scroll down to select thumbnail and scroll up to see details, that’s bad experience… also clicked thumbnail won’t play video now…


I read your comments and I understand some now that having added fanart and some navigation pages to read your films is not that shocking, it is very beautiful, I thank the team for their work.
What bothers me on the other hand is the actor icons which are passive, it’s a shame.
After for those who want a Play / stop / pause application there is VLC which is very good

I believe the actor icons will be improved in the future. The placeholder images were just thrown in there at the moment because there wasn’t time to do more work with them but shows potential. We will have to wait until after TMDb integration for TV shows

We’ve also been ignored, when we said that this version is far from being a release candidate :grimacing:


I also hope that the film covers will switch to landscape mode, it s more modern

I don’t mind the full screen art - but why hide the current episode thumbnail on a second screen. It needs to be visible at the top.

An immediate and easy fix would be to simply move everything up a third of a screen so all the episode thumbnails are visible at the bottom of the first screen (like in Infuse 6).

And will we be getting actor images? For those using Emby or Jellyfin perhaps the actor images can be pulled from there rather than hitting tvdb.


Can you elaborate on what you are seeing?

Infuse has always flattened single-movie folders and displayed them as playabale items, so I am not sure I understand the difference you are seeing in v7.

It sounds like you may not have metadata fetching enabled? When enabled, Infuse will display the fanart image as the page background. Like this.

This is a bug, which will be fixed soon. Clicking on a poster thumbnail from the lower list should start playback straight away.

When opening a series/season the first unfinished episode will automatically be selected, so it’s not that often you will need to select an episode manually.

As mentioned above, a fix for this is in progress.

This is on our list for an upcoming version, once we complete the transition to TMDb for TV show data.

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You’re making a big assumption here. Often I do this. Often I do not. Your new way is much less usable for those who do both. The change seems arbitrary, not done for usability, but because someone thought it looked nice.

(Attachment blocked.gif is missing)

Regarding flattening a folder with a single file in it - is there a way to disable that, as I might have a reason for putting one file in a folder instead of placing that same file in a root folder.

As for Fanart, I enabled metadata fetching (I got all data I needed with the disabled option in Infuse6, and I don’t know is it fetching from my file or some web resource, where I need only from my file), but nothing changed.

Also, if this is a Fanart, then I have Fanart.jpg file in the same folder (according to Infuse guidelines) that is not used here, but also that big image changes per selected file and can’t be show fanart, and still must have disabled option.

We’ve seen some interest in this from a few users in the past, and is something we’ll likely add in an upcoming version.

If you’re using your own artwork, the naming would be filename-fanart.jpg.




Full details here.

Assump­tions is the moth­er of all screw ups :wink:

Absolutely and full screen, not because it’s useful, because it’s very beautiful :roll_eyes:.
It’s not my (personal) top priority for a software that I like to use, but I respect your opinion as it is.

OK, and when my Girlfriend later also want to watch the episodes I’ve already watched, which episode is selected then? Or I like to watch an old series again, then there is no unfinished Episode, which episode is selected then?
I’ve saved more than 550 complete Series and over 5000 Movies, so there is a big chance I’ve to select an episode often manually.

I really appreciate your response… but mhh

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I’m not sure in what ways v7 is an improvement. There’s the UI stuff we’re talking about (which I agree is backward movement). But I don’t see much in the way of new features, or even fixes to the irritations I live with (like the “watched” list losing things, and I have to rescan to get all of them back (I use Plex server integration).


And old problems… I know there’s a “search bug” thread that’s now pretty old, and no responses from Infuse in months. But why can’t we get an update from firecore? Even to say it won’t be fixed?

Hello everyone,

While I totally noticed the new “quirks” myself and felt how some tasks became more complex to achieve (episode selection, yes…)…can I just say:

THANK YOU for having changed how the series/seasons titles work so that now we see both the number of seasons and title. This was totally horrible in infuse 6. This alone makes me love unconditionally infuse 7! Please keep this! It’s really invaluable for miniseries or shows with only one season.


EDIT: I for one like the humongous banner, but I 100% agree some usability should be reinstated. There is no reason we can’t have both!