Infuse 7 MacOS Video Stuttering

Ever since I downloaded Infuse 7 every video file I play stutters. Actually when I look I can see it alternate between play and pause very quick. When I drag the slider to the middle of the movie it actually plays backwards. What am I doing wrong??

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You might want to follow the info in the main Mac beta post on “How you can help”

Still Having Stuttering Videos on a 2020 10th Gen Intel MacBook Pro … on the Infuse RC2 … seems to be related to the Intel Iris Plus Graphics. On my iPhone 7 it just works through Wi-Fi … Oh My Dear God …

My Test is WALL-E 4K at about 33 minutes to 35 minutes of the movie

It Works almost fine with and it does work as badly with

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Today’s 7.0.5 update includes a number of core playback improvements making things run quite a bit more efficiently on macOS.

Give this new version a try and let us know how it goes.

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