Infuse 7 Mac OS Monterey- lagging and freezing

Hi there I am using Infuse 7 synced to my Plex library on the latest version of Mac OS Monterey and often when I play a video it takes a long time to play the file and I get the spinning wheel. then when it does start playing it lags when I try to pause and play the video. Restarting my iMac seems to resolve the issue for a short time and then it persists again. Any ideas what could be going wrong? Let me know if you need more info or need me to find any log files etc.


Are you using Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect?

Does switching between them have any impact on performance?

Can you try running a speed test in Infuse? This can be found by viewing the settings for the saved Plex share in the Add Files menu.

Hi James. Same difference on Wifi and Ethernet and I even tried downloading individual TV show episodes and I am now getting the same issue even with the downloaded files. The player will work fine for a while then suddenly I get the spinning wheel when I open files or pause/ unpause. Force quitting Infuse doesn’t resolve the problem and it persists until I fully restart my iMac.

I tried the speed test in settings but when I click on it I get taken to my Plex share folders. Not sure what I am doing wrong there!

I am open to any other suggestions or happy to try anything else.


Are you trying to play this on a Apple TV or just iMac I had a similar problem but it was on Apple TV as for the speed test you’re almost there you’re doing it right you just have to select a file you want to speed test from movies or TV shows you have on plex.

Hi donjras. I am only having this issue on both my iMac and MacBook Pro 16 with M1 Pro processor. Infuse 7 plays everything perfectly on my Apple TV. Still having the same issue with videos suddenly freezing and I get the spinning wheel. I have done a speediest on a TV show file now and have included a screenshot of the results. Please let me know if anyone has any other suggestions as it is very frustrating! Could it be a setting I need to change on the Plex media server? Thanks

Where do you have your videos stored? iMac or laptop or bad device?. I had a plex update about a month ago but I doubt that has anything to do with it. But you can try. Can you play videos on Plex on your computers?

My videos are stored on a PC running a Plex media server with Windows 11. Plex plays fine in the Mac Plex app or the Plex Web app. It’s only with the Infuse 7 Mac App that I am having these issues.

Do you find this is happening with all videos, or just a few?

We have quite a few improvements in progress for macOS Monterey and the new MBPs, and these updates will be available in the upcoming 7.3 release.

Hi James. This happens with all videos and its weird as they work fine for a while and then suddenly I start getting the spinning wheel when I try to pause content or load content up. OK great will keep an eye out for the 7.3 update and hopefully that helps! Thanks