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I have an issue with Apple Family Sharing for Lifetime license. I bought the license with Infuse 6 (somewhere in June 2019) and the purchase is working on my Apple ID properly, but none of my family member is able to restore that purchase on their device.

Family Sharing is setup properly but somehow this purchase is not reflecting. I have changed the Apple ID after this purchase and moved the Apple ID to a different email ID, would that be causing the issue? Is there any way we can share this purchase with family?


I suggest contacting Apple support as this sound like an Apple ID issue more than an Infuse issue

I already done that and Apple Support Team says Infuse in-app purchases are not sharable with family. Only App can be shared but not the in-app purchases. Not sure if the support person was knowledgable on the in-app purchases.

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There’s a users guide that has a link to some further info at Apple that may help.

Changing the User ID can definitely cause problems since the subscription is tied to only one user ID.

Apple provided a way to update the user ID in case users wants to use a different email address. I think it was part of effort to drive more people towards iCloud email address. What they say is that it doesn’t affect the account in any way. I will try to talk to them again and see if they provide any help.

I tried contacting the Apple support once again and it’s a dead end. They have people who just keep repeating the same thing and keep pointing me to - What types of content can I share with my family? - Apple Support

I told that it says eligible in-app purchase are sharable and this is one of those. Their standard answer is Apple ID change has nothing to do with it and App Developer should help with in-app purchases.

Looks like this is going in loops without any ramification with them, so looks like this money is going to go waste and will not have family sharing.

Is it the same account but you only updated the email address with it, or is it a completely new account? With a new account you won’t be able to share any previous purchases, but if you just change the email address on an existing account that shouldn’t matter. You might have the other members of your family sign out and sign back into iCloud. Infuse doesn’t really have any control over subscription sharing is that it is all through Apple.

One thing I think you can still do, is if you sign into a trakt account and all the devices it can use that to share, but then you were also sharing your watch history. This was legacy way to share.

It’s the same account just updated the email address with it. All the other subscriptions are working fine but since this was a one time lifetime purchase, it doesn’t show up in active subscription and not working. I also think it’s an issue with Apple but their support is of no use. They just keep asking to contact the developer for it.

I was using the legacy method but it creates a lot of issues with Trakt history so was thinking to move the new method. Looks like its of no use.

Are you by any chance trying to download Infuse Pro 6 instead of Infuse 7 on any of the devices?

I can’t download Infuse Pro 6 as never purchased it. Downloading the free app and trying to restore Infuse in-app purchase.

What do you see in your purchase history?

Infuse Lifetime Sub Purchase

or something else?

I have purchased the lifetime license on Apple TV and it shows the same on the purchase history.


Are your family members able to see the ‘Infuse 7’ app in your list of purchases, if they navigate to App Store > Profile > Purchased > Family Purchases > Your Name

If not, the purchase may have been hidden. Apps that have been hidden cannot be shared.

Info on unhiding purchases can be found here.

This is interesting. Somehow Infuse 7 is there in the hidden apps, so looks like my son might have done that while playing with the phone. The article says we can’t unhide the apps on iPhone. Mac App Store is not showing this app as hidden. Any other way to unhide this app?

Just a quick dig and I have no experience with it but here’s a suggested method.

Looks like another dead end. Whomsoever has designed this feature in Apple was either idiot or left the company in between. Only Mac App Store allows to unhide the apps. iOS App Store Hidden Purchases screen is unfinished and doesn’t do anything other than listing the hidden apps. Though, it says Unhide your apps, there is nothing working on that screen. Very disappointed seeing this kind of unfinished features in stable builds. Looks more like a BETA feature making into mainstream.

If I understand their phrasing, it sounds like you can unhide purchases by following these steps.

  1. Delete the app from your device
  2. Locate the hidden purchase and then tap the cloud icon to redownload it

I tried everything and looks like Apple doesn’t allow to unhide the apps at this time. Their support document also says so though they don’t give any warning while hiding the apps. I think earlier when iTunes was there on Mac, there was a way to unhide the apps from Mac but after that they have not implemented that for iOS. We can still unhide apps from Mac App Store not iOS App Store.

I tried by deleting and redownloading it from Hidden Apps list, it just download the app but doesn’t remove it from the hidden app list. Moving back to Trakt based sharing until Apple fixes this issue.

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Finally I am able to figure it out. Currently there is no way to unhide iOS in Apple ecosystem. I had to take help from Microsoft - to be precise Windows. Windows still have access to good old iTunes.

Install iTunes on any Windows machine, login with same Apple ID. Go to View My Account → Manage Hidden Item → Apps and unhide all the iOS apps.

Able to unhide Infuse and it started showing Pro for all the family members. Hope this will help people who are facing the similar issues.


So glad you were able to get this figured out.

Thanks for following up!

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